Send A Vacate Notice

Sending your unwanted tenant a vacate notice is the first and most important step in the eviction process. Not properly notifying your tenant to vacate your rental property may result in a delay or even losing your eviction case. Let an experienced CHPS agent send your tenant the proper notice and start the process of regaining your rental property.

File Eviction

Is your unwanted tenant still on your rental property even after sending them the proper vacate notice?  The next step is to File For Eviction. This can be a very tedious, time consuming, and many times somewhat stressful process.   Our experienced staff will go to your local Justice of the Peace and file the proper paperwork, appear on your behalf during the court proceedings, and notify you when it's time to regain your property. You never have to step foot in a court room or deal with your unwanted tenant. Let's get started!

Writ of Possession

After you have won your eviction court case and your unwanted tenant is still on your rental property, the next step is to file for a Writ of Possession.  This notice gives your tenant 24 hrs to vacate the premises before being physically removed from the property.  A CHPS agent will file the proper paperwork with your local Justice of the Peace, coordinate with the Constable's Office for removal on site, as well as meet with the locksmith of your choice on the day of lock-out.  Let's Get Started.

Eviction Appeals

With any court proceeding there is always the possibility of an appeal.  Your unwanted tenant has the right to appeal the decision of the courts to vacate the premises. Here at CHPS we have experienced eviction attorneys who specialize in this  matter who will stand on your behalf during the appeal process and finish the journey of regaining your property.


Managing the day to day affairs of a rental property can be a tall task. Here at CHPS we will take on that task by visiting, inspecting, and managing all the affairs concerning your rental property. Allowing you as the property owner to relax while you let the experts do the work.